Ways of teaching, transmission and transaction of knowledge in the Islamic world/ 21-22 marzo 2019

Ways of teaching, transmission and transaction of knowledge in the Islamic world/ 21-22 marzo 2019

Jueves, 21 de Marzo

9:15 Presentación del Director de la EEHAR y de los organizadores.

9:30-11:00 Sesión 1: Being a master, a disciple and a transmitter

Roberta Denaro (Napoli L’Orientale): “It was as though I had delved into the ocean”: the transmission of knowledge in biographical sources on Ibn al-Mubarak (d. 797)

Roberto Tottoli (Napoli L’Orientale): From author to pupils and transmitters: the case of the Muwatta’ by Malik b. Anas (d. 795) and its recensions

11:00-11:30 Pausa

11:30 Sesión 2: Teaching between cultures

Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala (Universidad de Córdoba): Theological transfer in 12th century Mozarabic intellectual circles and their possible connections with the Latin controversies of the 9th century

Leonardo Capezzone (Sapienza Università di Roma): Transmission (and invention?) of philosophical-scientific knowledge of the Late Antiquity in the corpus of Jabir ibn Hayyan

13:00 Pausa

15:30 Sesión 3: Teaching the world

Francesca Bellino (Napoli L’Orientale): Sources and tools of knowledge in becoming an encyclopedist: the teachers of Yaqut al-Rumi.

Miguel Ángel Manzano (Universidad de Salamanca): The Transmission of geographic knowledge: Considerations on the image of the Maghreb in the Mu`jam al-Buldan of Yaqut al-Rumi (d. 626/1229) through some examples.

Viernes, 22 de Marzo

9:30 Sesión 4: Teaching the Afterlife

Samuela Pagani (Università del Salento): The master as “father” and “mother”. Sufi metaphors of the transmission of knowledge and the debate on the continuity of prophecy

Ana Echevarría Arsuaga (UNED, Spain): Breviaries as a way of transmission of Muslim religion among the Mudejars

11:00 Pausa

11:30 Sesión 5: “Other” Ways of teaching

Cristina de la Puente (ILC-CSIC): Dead men tell no tales: Interaction between the dead and the living in the Andalusi Hadīth literature (11th-13th Centuries)

Mohamed Meouak (Universidad de Cádiz): Nomadic milieu and transmission of stories in Eastern Algeria: examples from the “Tarikh al-`Adwani” of Muhammad b.Muhammad b.`Umar al-`Adwani (17th century)

13:00 Conclusiones