Título: Lusitanian Amphorae in Carthago Nova (Cartagena, Spain): Distribution and Research Questions
Autor: Alejandro Quevedo y Sonia Bombico
Editorial: Oxford
Serie: Publicaciones Varia
Año de la publicación: 2016
ISBN: 9781784914271

QUEVEDO, A. y BOMBICO, S. (2016) – “Lusitanian Amphorae in Carthago Nova (Cartagena, Spain): Distribution and Research Questions”. In: VAZ PINTO (I.), DE ALMEIDA (R.) y MARTIN (A.) (eds.), Lusitanian Amphorae: Production and Distribution, RLAMP 10, Oxford, p. 311-322.

The presence of Lusitanian amphorae in the region of Carthago Nova (Cartagena, Spain) has been known for a few years, and yet it has never been the subject of a monographic study. Integrated in the commercial networks of the western Mediterranean, these products circulated within the harbour system of this city between the 1st and the 5th century AD. This paper aims to present a synthesized review of the main Lusitanian imports that were detected: Dressel 14 and Almagro 50, Almagro 51a-b and Almagro 51c. The difficulty in identifying the ceramic fabrics and the scarce documentation regarding some finds pose complex problems. This study extends to the hinterland of the colony and to other nearby settlements, such as Portmán and Puerto de Mazarrón.